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Where would you go on holiday when you were young? Will people live under the sea one day? There are daily flights to New York. Jim, who is a geologist, studies earthquakes. Dont worry. Weve got a spectacular view from our hotel window. The landscape paintings of twenty talented artists will be shown.

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Merry Christmas, Well done, Good luck 4. There are daily flights to New York. Some are abstract and some are realistic. I might call a friend to tell her when to come round, to set a time to meet or to discuss what well be doing.

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The tornado hit the street where the playground is. Egypt 4. They are exotic.

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Page 72 7 1. I told them that keeping an exotic animal in a flat was cruel and irresponsible. Page 48 7 1. Today, a company from Russia takes tourists on trips into space.

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The stolen paintings havent been returned to the museum 5. You wont get hurt if you wear protective gear. Many of them are injured and some are killed. Page 48 7 1. Pay attention to the adjectives in italics. Page 72 7 1. The thief is a member of a gang and has broken the law before. His doctor told him that he could go to the gym. They wanted to know how to get to the beach. The man whom we wanted to thank had helped us.

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Did they rescue the little girl? Dave spoke quietly into his mobile phone. Thats true, but 4.

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G Page 3 1. Page 72 7 1. He is considerate. Page 32 7 1.

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