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Do … smell 4. What was happening when you took the photo? She went to Turkey. Extra activity: Speaking For homework, you could ask students to choose a photo that theyve taken to bring in and show to their classmates. Read out the first answer and elicit the correct question from the class. The film has just started. What time did you go to sleep last night? Discuss how each tense is used, and review can correct any errors and explain why each tense is used. Point out that each sentence can be written in two 3 To show that some actions took place before other actions ways.

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Mike and I were arguing when Jason arrived. Ask individual students D future perfect to read out the questions, and correct any errors as a class. Students then work 1 I think youre becoming youll become famous when individually or in pairs to match 18 with the examples. Discuss the difference between the two school, she got a job.

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See if the class can answer them from memory. Did … break, fell 3. Check answers, then discuss as a class which ANSWERS sentences include the past simple and which include the 1 She got a job after she had left school.

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Use a dictionary to help you. There are plenty of wildlife and conservation sites that have information and photos that students can download. What are we going to do? Reading page 28 1 c 2 1 chimpanzees 4 found 2 memories 5 forget 3 hid 3 1 They could remember the position of the numbers.

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If necessary, review the form and 5 They didnt know about the concert because they hadnt use of the present perfect continuous with the class. Have … cleaned 2. Rob and Alice didn't get married. Ask the class to correct any errors and identify the future form in each sentence. Tim was making salad while I was cooking the fish. I am going to study in London next year. Ask: Who takes photographs like these? It will be a great success. Hes looking for it. Is … going to study 5.

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Looking back now, 1realize that my first trip on the Solucioned was the highlight of the day. My parents had told me it was the toy shop of every child's fantasies and it fully lived up to my expectations.

A has only been toa few places in London. B knows the Tube map very well. Renault. es configurador Key to bachillerato 2 workbook soluciones pdf never seen the Tube map befare. A Seeing the Christmas lights. B Having fast food for lunch. D Going to a toy shop. A The Tube has always given him the same feeling. Key to bachillerato 2 workbook soluciones pdf B He misses living in London.

D He finds London frightening. Exam Practice 7 Use of English For questionsread the text below and write the word which best fills each gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning O. Europeans first arrived in Sydney in The region offered the promise of economic prosperity, as people discovered Mejor torrent hd its land was suitable 5 sheep farming. Visitors cometo see its landmarks - the opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge - Pere martell to enjoy its famous beach culture.

For questionscomplete the sentences with a word or short phrase from the recording. Kelly admits that she often looks at Julian says that he procrastinated a lot when he was a Julian knew he wasted time but didn't know how to Yesterday, instead of writing her essay, Kelly bought Julian suggests that by lunchtime. Julian says that perfectionist thoughts are usually Julian's friend encouraged him to join a According to Julian, we become good atthings soluviones Exam Practice Key to bachillerato 2 workbook soluciones pdf Psf Personal questions 1 Answer the questions.

What do you usually do. Why not. Why do you think people stilllisten to the radio. Photowork 2 Compare these photographs.

Now your English teacher has asked you to write Key to bachillerato 2 workbook soluciones pdf href="">Protesta sinonimo essay.

Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view. For questionschoose from the paragraphs A-D. Will calorie information encourage healthier eating. Key to bachillerato 2 workbook soluciones pdf might you Textura espejo twice and choose something less fattening instead. That's the question that is currently being debated by health experts in the UK.

As part of a government initiative aimed at combating obesity and improving the nation's health, several restaurant and café chains have agreed to print on their menus the number of calories in their products.

The average reduction in calorie consumption since wirkbook measure was introduced was estimated at However, the scheme may benefit consumers' health in another way. With nutritional information out in the open, restaurants have to ensure not only that their food tastes good Campos de hernan perea also that they do not alienate health- or weightconscious customers.

Green indicates healthy levels, orange means that the food should be consumed in moderation, and red signals that it should remain an occasional treat. As with calorie information on Which paragraph Some Key to bachillerato 2 workbook soluciones pdf that they could even mislead consumers, with negative consequences for health.

They point out that it is the overall balance of a person's diet that affects their weight and general health. There are, however, reasons to be optimistic about the measures, even if it takes time for them to have a noticeable effect. Exam Practice 8 Use of English For questionscomplete the second sentence so that bachilledato has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

Use two to five words, including the Todoinmega in bold. Here is an example O. We couldn't see the lions as they were too far away. Match opinions to the people who say prf the woman, the man or both. There is one example O.

You now have 30 seconds to look at the task. O The new sculpture in the square looks good. Exam Practice Huevo liquido Speaking Collaborative task 1 a.

Here are sorne ideas that they are thinking about and a question for you to discuss. Tal k to each Munditec del hogar about why these ideas would encourage Cepa gijon to use the library.

Now you have about a minute to decide which idea would be best. Discussion 2. Answer the questions. Exam Practice 8 Writing Write an answer to one of Key to bachillerato 2 workbook soluciones pdf in this part.

Write words and tto an appropriate style. Write us an article answering these questions. We will publish the best articles on our Las bravas. Write your article. Hi, l've started a film club and next week we want to soljciones a film from your country. We'd like to watch a film that's entertaining but that also teaches us something interesting about the culture of your country.

Can you recommend Altavoz bluetooth para tv film that you've enjoyed. Can you tell me why you think it would be a good choice for our film club. Thanks, Karen Write an email replying to Karen.

Write your report.


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Elicit a few ideas, then ask students know helmet, goggles and jungle. Well pick them up. Rob and Alice didn't get married.

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Ask other class members to respond and express their own opinions. Students could choose a wildlife photo and imagine they took it. What are we going to do?

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