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To get this effect you will need a specially built support initially to trail it over. The best way of checking soil to see if it needs watering is to put your finger in the soil if it is dry to the second joint then it needs watering. Nick T. Note: email address will not be displayed. Flame vine branches profusely and climbs by clinging with its tendrils. Here we list businesses who usually sell this plant. Original publication date October Anything I can do?

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Reviewed February I also have 2 cats and a dog here, and chickens thankyou for your help. Before you plant as organic matter to the soil and slow release fertiliser.

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I did water over the winter It takes up to a year for a plant to be fully established. It is however a good source of antioxidants, which are very good for humans, not that I suggest you chew on it though! Believe me, I know!

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I can't say definitively that it would be safe close to your bio-cycle system. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Chris, Flame Vines are known to be invasive, but that really refers to their above ground growth. Flaming trumpet is native to southern Brazil, northern Argentina and Paraguay.

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Keep it pruned to this shape and after a few years it may be strong enough to largely support itself - though leaving some hidden supports under the canopy may be necessary. Please let us know how you go, we would love to hear from you.. Reviewed February Whether it tolerates only salty irrigation water I am not sure, there don't seem to be any reports on this subject. It appears from other comments that this means they are not receiving enough water, but I was under the impression that they did not require much water, and thought that over watering them would be an issue?. When young, select one to four stems to let grow and prune all the others off. The tubular flowers are about 3 in long and borne in clusters of at the tips of branches.

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Often, the center leaflet is modified into a coiled, three-parted tendril. It flowers for many moths from just after Chri Common name s. Grow in sunny position to maximise winter colour..

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Everything seemed to be going well up the top, though not much happening on the lattice, up until about a week ago, now the leaves appearing to be dying off again and the new crawlers seem flimsy and weak. Anything I can do? They do have vigorous roots but they tend towards the horizontal habit with one larger tap root going vertically downwards. Whether it tolerates only salty irrigation water I am not sure, there don't seem to be any reports on this subject.

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