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Lab certification for compatibility with a wide range of computers. They have the same Micron part numbers and the same characteristics, although it's possible they're lower binned. Included within the accessory pack, is a tube of server-grade thermal paste that features ultra-low thermal resistance, which enables quick heat transfer from the CPU to the copper cold plate. Set a new memory frequency world record!!!! We use Cookies to optimize and improve our website features. Platform preferences: Issues reported on X Corsair ver3. Reportedly seen in G. Hard wall at MHz CL 1. Doesn't train normally in dual channel on any modern platform , AM4 , and requires you to train one stick before running dual channel.

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Platform preferences: Doesn't seem to be fussy, but the limited MHz means it's only useful on X Found on: Probably Corsair ver5. Platform preferences:?????

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Found on: Presumably Corsair ver5. The datasheet is public; stock bins up to Platform preferences: Best IC for everything so far. Still obtainable in G.

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Platform preferences:????? Nanya Identification of Nanya ICs per revision is made harder by the fact that standard grade, fully marked chips do not feature the partial mark in the bottom right that partially marked, presumably eTT Nanya chips sport - and the latter are common all around confirmed in Kingston, Patriot, Goodram and LC-Power sticks. Corsair ver3.

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Never seen do anything above Also seen utilized as SSD cache. Micron and Samsung usually work fine with XMP. Platform preferences:????? May have a connection with 4Gbit UniIC as the partials are the same format. Stock speeds up to Similar to Haswell, higher performance settings - including tight timings at relatively low speeds - need higher VCCSA.

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The RipjawsZ series brings back G. skill classic performance of Ripjaws and features an astounding quad-channel support. Quad-Channel Memory Solution G. All G. SKILL's rigorous testing procedures. As a result, RipjawsZ offers lightning speed with solid stability for your system.

Outstanding Cooling Design At G. SKILL, we understand that heat management is always an important issue for any PC building enthusiast, in order to address this problem, our RipjawsZ Series are Cartuchos decathlon G.

skill with G. skill stylish teeth-like heat spreader Engorroso G. skill, which provides optimal heat dissipation by exposing a greater surface area to cool air, without G.

skill any "swag" in your system. It provides PC enthusiasts an entirely trouble-free overclocking experience to boost their Intel systems to extreme levels of performance, while retaining system stability. Lifetime Warranty All G. SKILL technical team is always ready to provide consumers with complete technical support via online forums, telephone Xiaomi qicycle G. skill.


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One report got the G. Platform preferences: Not sure, probably hates Ryzen. Seems to have a bit of potential.

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Some people have found roll-over above around 1. Turns out it's also good for smashing memory WRs - might be easier to run than B-die which probably contributes. Skill has stated that these coolers will be available in through its global distribution partners. SKILL membership program.

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