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All while a full-size Larry tends to their needs and tries to find a way to return them to their normal size. Later, Dorothy and Jane bond a bit over both of them having "friends" inside their heads. Justice League member - Element Woman. Despite multiple attempts to return them to their normal size, this latest venture into fixing their size also fails. Caulder eventually devised a plan to get the bomb out, but it cost him his ability to walk. She conjures her own weapon and the Candlemaker takes her to meet her fate. Meanwhile, Candlemaker tries his hardest to convince Dorothy that Danny isn't really her friend but her prison and so she asks Danny.

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Dorothy lets loose her wendigo, Baby Doll freaks out and kills the wendigo which prompts Candlemaker to get Dorothy to make a wish. They bond and head back to the spaceship together. Mento then informs the Chief that he is no longer their leader and if he ever speaks to Elasti-Girl or Beast Boy like that again, he will destroy Caulder's intellect. Niles says that they were initially experiments, and says that Danny agreed to be his daughter's caretaker.

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Niles is afraid that she's a danger to all of them, and wanted to live forever to protect her and protect others. When Niles inevitabl leaves, Danny tries to remind him that the girl needs her father and that she can't stay forever. Niles Caulder is a paraplegic with a genius -level intellect. When the young scientist discovered the truth about his employer, he refused to continue the work.

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By , Caulder lived in a house in Covington , Ohio with Gar, Cliff , Rita Farr , and Larry , where he performed scientific experiments in the hopes of bettering medicine. Unfortunately, this was not a permanent solution, so he began to test out his unethical experiments of immortality on what is now the team. However, while Dorothy is in the convenience store, she discovers she's having her first period. Magnus is able to save the Chief by getting the head to a cryogenic chamber, but after this the Chief exists solely as a disembodied head in a bucket of ice , subsisting on milkshakes.

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A candle then appears in her hand, so she proceeds to make a wish, blows it out and chaos ensues. They want her to stop being part of the Doom Patrol and to stop taking care of Dorothy. Niles Caulder is a paraplegic with a genius -level intellect. Jane passes out on the way and ends up in The Underground for an intervention. She begins to sing "Pure Imagination" from the Willy Wonka film, and that seems to work. She wins a blue stuffed bear for Jane, but she ends up having a vision of an indigenous woman who appears to be her mother bringing her a pair of red boots, telling her that it's time. This Doom Patrol was killed by Crime Syndicate of America members Johnny Quick and Atomica except for Celsius and Tempest, who, according to Lex Luthor, faked their deaths to escape him, prompting Caulder to make plans to "start over". While Caulder tells them that they need him, Mento finally takes off his helmet, allowing him to think clearly.

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Taking her to his mansion, using his unique scientific knowledge Niles helped her to control her condition and the two became close friends. He also appears in Four Horsemen 4, apparently back in charge of the Doom Patrol. She gives her the choice to be a little girl or be a woman and face the Candlemaker herself.

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Thanks to the funding, Caulder succeeded in creating a chemical capable of prolonging life. All so that he would always be around to protect his daughter from others and from herself. Their main mission was to stop the Brotherhood of Evil , a team of dastardly supervillains.

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