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Season 3 Gabi is the Literature teacher, first appearing in the third season. Elyan[ edit ] Elyan portrayed by Adetomiwa Edun was the younger brother of Gwen. He gets along well with the majority of the students, especially Tània, his best friend. In the second-season episode, "The Witchfinder", Uther hired Aredian to search Camelot for sorcerers after a smoke manipulation spell, performed by Merlin, was witnessed and reported by a citizen. The fate of the real Catrina was left uncertain, although Uther stated in "Beauty and the Beast, Part One" that her city was devastated by invaders. Like all other teenagers, she's searching for her place in the world. Todos son conscientes de que la etapa en el instituto se acaba y se acercan la selectividad y la universidad.

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Seasons 1—2, guest Season 3 Bruno is Merlí's son. When Arthur came to her unarmed, she allowed him, despite her grief, to negotiate a single-combat match and leave her camp unharmed, thus sparing many lives on both sides. Cenred[ edit ] Cenred portrayed by Tom Ellis was the ruler of a neighboring kingdom of Camelot's, the kingdom that held Merlin's home village, Ealdor, as in the first-season episode, "The Moment of Truth", Uther stated that the safety of Ealdor was "Cenred's responsibility". Uther's death enraged Arthur and incited him further against magic, even causing him to confide in Merlin later that he despised magic and believed it truly evil.

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One of these people is Merlí, and from the first season, the two of them are at odds. She also refers to Merlin as "the gangly boy" and uses him as surety to ensure that Arthur does not attempt to kill her for practicing magic. Several years before, he fought in the Battle of Denaria and survived which implies that he was skilled in battle. He lives with his grandmother, father, and brother in the majority of the first season.

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Gaius recognized what had been done to him and was able to save him, but he was left weak from his ordeal. In the fourth season, Elyan continued to serve as a knight of Camelot, and seemed to have developed an especially close friendship with Percival. Caerleon was also very stubborn and proud as he refused to sign a peace treaty and appear weak, even when his life was threatened. Later, in the episode, "Queen of Hearts", Arthur stated that he would give up his right to the throne of Camelot for her after Gwen was framed by Morgana for witchcraft.

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Eventually Merlí starts visiting him at his house to give him classes and convince him that his agoraphobia is not permanent, investing time and effort into getting Ivan to be comfortable facing the outdoors alone and going back to school despite his initial refusal to do so and his disliking for the idea of getting a psychiatrist. Soon after this, Arthur came to remember just how much he cared for and relied on Merlin when the other man was captured by bandits in "A Servant of Two Masters". He likes being liked and having his place in the group. In the episode, "The Sins of the Father", Arthur voiced the thought that it was possible that not all magic users were evil when Merlin cautioned him not to trust the sorceress, Morgause, too quickly. Candela Antón as Berta Prats. She comes from a good family, but her parents have been separated since she was 10 years old. Bruno is gay and in love with Pol, a good friend of his.

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As she died, she thanked Merlin for making her feel loved again, promising to repay his kindness one day. The troll's true form was subsequently exposed just after she was named as Uther's new heir, but the enchantment was so strong that Uther remained blind to her true appearance even after everyone else saw it and she could now show herself without fear. It is unknown if he was good at sword fighting, but it is assumed that this would be the case since he appeared to lead from the front.

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She also used her power over Uther to frame Merlin for theft, which forced him to go into hiding. In the morning, Saxons threaten to kill the pair, but then Mordred appears and saves them. TVETelevisión Española nació en , sin embargo, no comenzó a emitir hasta tras años de pruebas y ajustes. He even sent a pixie, Gruinhilde, to serve as Elena's nurse and guard the Sidhe inside her.

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