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The actual origin of the symbol remains an enigma. They had asked him to come up with a system for electronic mail. Create a free account to access your designs anytime! The Finns and Swedes have conceived cat metaphors as well: cat's tail, cat's paw, Miuku mauku Finnish for the cat's meow , and Poles call it kitten. We've decided to part with our high-potential domain: AtSymbol. Giorgio Stabile, an Italian scholar, discovered the symbol in a letter written in by a Florentine trader named Francesco Lapi. Be inspired anywhere, anytime! Clarify the logotype design options and choose the best one.

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The Swedish journalist Karl-Erik Tallmo reported on this matter in in Svenska Dagbladet: the symbol could, according to Ullman, have its origin in the 6th or 7th century: the circles around a and d are supposedly fused one into the other, with the upward stoke then drawn swinging to the left. Gorgeous logos. A presently overflowing source for international naming of the at sign " is the Internet. Explore the possibilities our editing tool offers to change your logo's color, font, or icon.

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Gorgeous logos. In seconds, you will see dozens of attractive variants of your future logo! Pastry has to sacrifice for the old Hebrew strudel, the Swedish cinnamon roll, maybe for the Polish pig's ear, a sweet pastry delight, in any case for the Russian round biscuit. Virtually a reverse at sign "Affenohr" with a clockwise turn, namely to the right.

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A particularly original depiction comes from Chechen and out of Slovakia: pickled herring roll - a rather mysterious one out of South India; on Tamil the symbol is called Inaichuzhili. With the introduction of e-mail came the popularity of the symbol. Logo Logos for any company and project. Plus, you can use your design to create other branding items.

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Free logo included Download a free small-sized logo without watermarks in PNG format at any time for preview and testing. With the introduction of e-mail came the popularity of the symbol. Tomlinson had no idea that he was paving the world with a new letter. Even the Duden Computer Science Dictionary shines in its lack of knowledge on all keyword levels. In April , this problem too was solved by way of a new agreement on a standard letterhead. Explore the possibilities our editing tool offers to change your logo's color, font, or icon. One tool for all your branding needs Just choose the logo design you like and let us handle the rest.

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The man-on-the-street with an interest in literature is also rather puzzeled by the new symbol. Amphora was the unit of measurement that determined the amount held by the large terra cotta jars that were used to ship grain, spices and wine. This plate was a model for writing by the Venetian master writer Augustino, dating back to the year

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Increasingly, people have their electronic mail e-mail codes noted on their cards. Very witty are the British, who with a strong visual imagination quite simply call the laughter. Business cards.

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