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Celebrity is as celebrity does. Grab this Pop Funko today. I suspect the Nargles are behind it. The house-elf with good intentions that always showed them in the wrong ways. It offers a magnificent trophy, from a brilliant film. We mean it. Think about it. Why not immortalize that memorable scene on your shelf?

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Unfortunately, he never recovered from his memory-loss. Gilderoy Lockhart. All because of a girl.

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Or, should we say, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. Nearly Headless Nick died in by execution. Nobody knows what a Boggart looked like either. The translucent Pop Funko is unique in looks and not one you should miss.

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Remember that awkward hug Voldermort gave to him when he crossed Hogwarts courtyard during the great battle? He dropped it down the stairs, and the Caretaker, Argus Fitch, picked it up. In matters were quite different. He was the best of the best.

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Of course, it does. He negotiated his wages before getting a job at Hogwarts. Nobody knows what a Boggart looked like either. Pick him up in his Yule Ball outfit today! Dark, sallow skin, broody. He leaves Harry with flaring nostrils, disappearing with a snap of his fingers. All because of a girl. The translucent Pop Funko is unique in looks and not one you should miss.

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Why not put it next to your 31— Harry Potter Pop Funko? He met one Lady Grieve in the yore days and became confident he could fix her crooked teeth. The Dementor figure might rank as one of the creepiest Pop figures in some time.

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Part of its own standalone series, additional Funko Pop Harry Potter waves continue to fill in the gaps with a large group of figures and many exclusives. She even reads magazines upside down! In the books, Harry briefly lost the egg.

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