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Dick Swiveller befriends her and, finding that she does not know her age or name Sally Brass simply refers to her as "Little Devil" or parents, nicknames her The Marchioness and later gives her the name Sophronia Sphynx. Although he knows Nell is dead, he refuses to acknowledge it and does not recognise his brother whom he had protected in their childhood. They meet Mrs. His mother is concerned about his attachment to Nell, and at one point jokes, 'some people would say that you'd fallen in love with her', at which Kit becomes very bashful and tries to change the subject. When the inquest rules incorrectly that Quilp committed suicide, his corpse is ordered to be buried at a crossroads with a stake through the heart, a practice banned in Abel Garland. In the end, he gambles away what little money they have, and Quilp seizes the opportunity to take possession of the shop and evict Nell and her grandfather. After believing Kit has revealed his secret addiction, he falls ill and is mentally unstable afterwards. This was Dickens' after-the-fact explanation of why the narrator disappeared and why if he was their near relation he gave no sign in the first three chapters of knowing who they were.

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He lends money to Nell's grandfather and takes possession of the curiosity shop during the old man's illness which he had caused by revealing his knowledge of the old man's bad gambling habit. The Bachelor, brother of Mr. The heavily industrialised town where Nell spends the night by the furnace is Birmingham after they have travelled on the Warwick and Birmingham Canal. Language English The Old Curiosity Shop is a Australian animated film based on the novel by Charles Dickens about a young girl Nell who lives with her grandfather in a shop, and what happens after they are evicted from the shop by Quilp, a moneylender.

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Although he knows Nell is dead, he refuses to acknowledge it and does not recognise his brother whom he had protected in their childhood. The town in which Nell faints and is rescued by the school master is Wolverhampton in the Black Country. At the same time, a coincidence leads Mr Garland to knowledge of Nell's whereabouts, and he, Kit, and the single gentleman who turns out to be the younger brother of Nell's grandfather go to find her.

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She resents Quilp for the way he treats her daughter, but is too afraid to stand up to him. Marton, a poor schoolmaster. Sampson Brass , an attorney what would now be called a solicitor of the Court of the King's Bench.

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Betsy Quilp, Quilp's mistreated wife. The village where they first meet the schoolmaster is Warmington, Warwickshire. She compared herself to Nell, because of her own miserable situation at the time. She is the real authority in the Brass firm. He mistreats his wife, Betsy, and manipulates others to his own ends through a false charm he has developed over the years. Originally the conceit of the story was that Master Humphrey was reading it aloud to a group of his friends, gathered at his house around the grandfather clock in which he eccentrically kept his manuscripts. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Quilp begins to try to track Nell down, but the fugitives are not easily discovered. He delights in quoting and adapting literature to describe his experiences.

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After losing both his wife and daughter, he sees Nell as the embodiment of their good spirits. Quilp makes amorous advances towards her, but is rebuffed. The village where they finally find peace and rest and where Nell dies is Tong, Shropshire. Her grandfather, already mentally infirm, refuses to admit she is dead and sits every day by her grave waiting for her to come back until, a few months later, he dies himself.

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Brass is described as "one of Her Majesty's attornies" [ sic ], putting him in the reign of Queen Victoria , which began in , but given all the other evidence, and the fact that Kit, at his trial, is charged with acting "against the peace of our Sovereign Lord the King" referring to William IV , this must be a slip of the pen. She is occasionally referred to as a "dragon", and she mistreats the Marchioness. To this end, they join forces with Quilp, who knows full well that there is no fortune, but sadistically chooses to 'help' them to enjoy the misery it will inflict on all concerned. Initially a major character in the novel and highly influential over Richard Swiveller, he is dropped from the narrative after chapter

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