Chevrolet silverado. 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Review (24 Photos)

You get hill descent control. You have a big center bin here. Now, in the case of this Trail Boss, those figures are actually better than what you get on the F and the Ram. And as this truck is equipped, the max tow rating is 9, pounds and the max payload is about 1, pounds. And that's exactly what a good transmission should do. As soon as it senses slip in one wheel, it starts engaging clutch packs to make sure the two wheels turn at the same speed. That's also a thing that, I think, Ram did first.

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When you put it into those modes, it basically locks that center differential up and acts like a traditional 4-wheel drive system. And that's impressive, because the Ram Rebel has an air suspension that can raise and lower. Well, you get a 2 inch lift kit. But why do that when you're just cruising?

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The light-duty trucks use the name. But I have no idea what downshift it was to. Modern trucks are really big, really tall.

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Now, as we get back here, we can also talk towing and payload. It's got stop-start. I mean, think about it like a line like that.

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If you don't care about interior richness, and you don't need that extra degree of interior functionality, this truck will certainly get the job done. And a lot of-off road trucks, that is activated manually. What it gives you are really tightly spaced gear ratios. And that works flawlessly when you get it all plugged in and set up, ready to go. I'm going to stomp it. For —07 the truck was generally available to retail buyers throughout North America. The owner's manual actually recommends, for top performance, that you run 93 octane.

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Now, wheels and tires, when you get the Trail Boss package, you get the Z71 package, because Chevy option codes are very confusing to understand. Though there's no under floor storage, what you do have on both outboard seat backs is a little container right there that's definitely not for contraband. Now, what I like about the storage in this truck is that the seat bottoms on both sides flip up really easily.

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Now for the sake of coming clean, I own a Chevy C But it'll be fine. If that pegs your personal bias meter, you can deal with that now.

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